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Thank you for helping us do God's ministry in Baltimore!  Redemption's various ministries and community outreach have been made possible, and continue to be made possible, by the generous support of so many. We are blessed by all that has been given to us and that we can share with others.

You can give to Remption via mail: The Church of the Redemption, Attn: Cindy Curley, 1401 Towson ST, Baltimore, MD 21230.

Or you can give online through using the link below! provides the option to either make a secure one-time donation or, by selecting "Recurring Giving", you can select the frequency and amount for a recurring donation.

2023 Pledge Cards

Thank you for returning your pledge card online or in the mail!  Click below to fill out the online submission form. 

Easter Memorial

Donations of $15 per plant may have one name, or name of a couple or name of a family in the Easter service bulletin.Plants may be given to decorate the church for Easter in memory of a loved one, in thanksgiving for someone special, or some special event in your life.  Submit form with button below and make donation via link on form or mail your donation to the Church of the Redemption, 1401 Towson Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.

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